Choosing a volume usage profile

ONTAP includes several storage efficiency features that can reduce the total amount of storage that you need. When you create a volume in Cloud Manager, you can choose from usage profiles that enable or disable thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression. You should learn more about these profiles to help you decide which to use.

Cloud Manager provides two usage profiles:

Usage profile Description Efficiency features
Highest performance Recommended for applications that require low latency None
Performance with efficiency Provides good performance with NetApp storage efficiency Thin provisioning, deduplication, and compression

NetApp efficiency features provide the following benefits:

Thin provisioning
Thin provisioning presents more logical storage to hosts or users than you actually have in your physical storage pool. Instead of preallocating storage space, storage space is allocated dynamically to each volume as data is written.
Deduplication improves efficiency by locating identical blocks of data and replacing them with references to a single shared block. This technique reduces storage capacity requirements by eliminating redundant blocks of data that reside in the same volume.
Compression reduces the physical capacity required to store data by compressing data within a volume on primary, secondary, and archive storage.