Updating ONTAP Cloud software

Cloud Manager includes several options that you can use to upgrade to the current ONTAP Cloud release or to downgrade ONTAP Cloud to an earlier release. You should prepare ONTAP Cloud systems before you upgrade or downgrade the software.

Cloud Manager displays a notification in ONTAP Cloud working environments when a new version of ONTAP Cloud is available:

Screen shot: Shows the New version available notification which displays in the Working Environments page after you select a working environment

You can start the upgrade process from this notification, which automates the process by obtaining the software image from an S3 bucket, installing the image, and then restarting the system.

Note: Upgrades of HA pairs are nondisruptive. HA pairs continue to serve data during the upgrade process.
Note: Cloud Manager might upgrade the HA mediator as part of this process.

Advanced options for software updates

Cloud Manager also provides the following advanced options for updating ONTAP Cloud software:

Transitioning ONTAP Cloud to an earlier release in the same release family (8.3.x to 8.3.y) is referred to as a downgrade. You can downgrade without assistance when downgrading new or test clusters, but you should call technical support if you want to downgrade a production cluster.