Downgrading ONTAP Cloud by using a local image

Each ONTAP Cloud system can hold two software images: the current image that is running, and an alternate image that you can boot. Cloud Manager can change the alternate image to be the default image. You can use this option to downgrade to the previous version of ONTAP Cloud, if you are experiencing issues with the current image.

About this task

This downgrade process is available for single ONTAP Cloud systems only. It is not available for HA pairs. The process takes the ONTAP Cloud system offline for up to 25 minutes.


  1. From the working environment, click the menu icon, and then click Advanced > Update ONTAP Cloud software.
  2. On the Update ONTAP Cloud software page, select the alternate image, and then click Change Image.
  3. Click Proceed to confirm.


Cloud Manager starts the software update. You can perform actions on the working environment once the software update is complete.

After you finish

If you suspended SnapMirror transfers, use System Manager to resume the transfers.