Moving volumes to another system to avoid capacity issues

You can move one or more volumes to another ONTAP Cloud system to avoid capacity issues. You might need to do this if the system reached its disk limit.

Before you begin

You should have identified the volumes that you need to move.

Identifying how to correct capacity issues

About this task

You can follow the steps in this task to correct the following Action Required message:

Moving a volume is necessary to avoid capacity issues; however, Cloud Manager cannot perform this action for you because the system has reached the disk limit.


  1. Identify an ONTAP Cloud system that has available capacity, or deploy a new system.
  2. Drag and drop the source working environment on the target working environment to perform a one-time data replication of the volume.
  3. Go to the Replication Status page, and then break the SnapMirror relationship to convert the replicated volume from a data protection volume to a read/write volume.
  4. Configure the volume for data access.
    For information about configuring a destination volume for data access, see the ONTAP 9 Volume Disaster Recovery Express Guide .
  5. Delete the original volume.