Installing license files on ONTAP Cloud BYOL systems

If Cloud Manager cannot obtain an ONTAP Cloud BYOL license file from NetApp, you can obtain the file yourself and then manually upload the file to Cloud Manager so it can install the license on the ONTAP Cloud system.


  1. Go to the NetApp License File Generator and log in using your NetApp Support Site credentials.
  2. Enter your password, choose your product (either NetApp ONTAP Cloud BYOL for AWS, NetApp ONTAP Cloud BYOL for Azure, or NetApp ONTAP Cloud BYOL HA for AWS), enter the serial number, confirm that you have read and accepted the privacy policy, and then click Submit.

    Screen shot: Shows an example of the NetApp License File Generator web page filled out, including a password, a product (NetApp ONTAP Cloud BYOL for AWS), and a product serial number.

  3. Choose whether you want to receive the serialnumber.NLF JSON file through email or direct download.
  4. In Cloud Manager, select the ONTAP Cloud BYOL working environment.
  5. In the ONTAP Cloud Storage pane, click the menu icon, and then click License.
  6. Click Upload License File.
  7. Click Upload and then select the file.


Cloud Manager installs the new license file on the ONTAP Cloud system.