Modifying annotations

You might want to change the name, description, or values for an annotation, or delete an annotation that you no longer want to use.


  1. Log in to the OnCommand Insight web UI.
  2. Click Manage and select Annotations.
    The Annotations page displays.
  3. Position your cursor over the annotation you want to edit and click .
    The Edit Annotation dialog box displays.
  4. You can make the following modifications to an annotation:
    1. Change the name, description, or both.
      However, note that you can enter a maximum of 255 characters for both the name and description, and you cannot change the type of any annotation. Additionally, for system-level annotations, you cannot change the name or description; however, you can add or remove values if the annotation is a list type.
      Note: If a custom annotation is published to the Data Warehouse and you rename it, you will lose historical data.
    2. To add another value to an annotation of list type, click .
    3. To remove a value from an annotation of list type, click .
      You cannot delete an annotation value if that value is associated with an annotation contained in an annotation rule, query, or performance policy.
  5. Click Save when you finish.

After you finish

If you are going to use annotations in the Data Warehouse, you need to force an update of annotations in the Data Warehouse. Refer to the OnCommand Insight Data Warehouse Administration Guide.