Associating costs with annotations

Prior to running cost-related reports, you should associate costs with the Service Level, Switch Level, and Tier system-level annotations, which enables chargeback to the storage users based on their actual usage of production and replicated capacity. For example, for the Tier level, you might have gold and silver tier values and assign a higher cost to the gold tier than to the silver tier.


  1. Log in to the Insight web UI.
  2. Click Manage and select Annotations.
    The Annotation page displays.
  3. Position your cursor over the Service Level, Switch Level, or Tier annotation, and click .
    The Edit Annotation dialog box displays.
  4. Enter the values for any existing levels in the Cost field.
    The Tier and Service Level annotations have Auto Tier and Object Storage values, respectively, which you cannot remove.
  5. Click to add additional levels.
  6. Click Save when you finish.