Fibre Channel environment monitoring

Using OnCommand Insight's Fibre Channel asset pages, you can monitor the performance and inventory of the fabrics in your environment and be aware of any changes that might cause issues.

Fibre Channel asset pages

Insight's asset pages present summary information about the resource, its topology (the device and its connections), performance charts, and tables of associated resources. You can use the fabric, switch, and port asset pages to monitor your Fibre Channel environment. Particularly helpful when troubleshooting a Fibre Channel issue is the performance chart for each port asset, which shows the traffic for the selected top contributor port. Additionally, you can also show buffer-to-buffer credit metrics and port errors in this chart, with Insight displaying a separate performance chart for each metric.

Performance policies for port metrics

Insight enables you to create performance policies to monitor your network for various thresholds and to raise alerts when those thresholds are crossed. You can create performance polices for ports based on available port metrics. When a violation of a threshold occurs, Insight detects and reports it in the associated asset page by displaying a red solid circle; by email alert, if configured; and in the Violations Dashboard or any custom dashboard that reports violations.