NetApp Host and VM File Systems data source

You can use the NetApp Host and VM File Systems data source to retrieve file system details and storage resource mappings for all Microsoft Windows host and VM (virtual machine) file systems and for all supported Linux VMs (those that are virtually mapped only) existing in the Insight server that are annotated with the configured Compute Resource Group (CRG).

General Requirements

Microsoft Windows Requirements

Note: As a general rule, when trying to use a firewall between Insight, an AU, and this data source, you should consult with your Microsoft team to identify the ports they believe will be required.

Linux Requirements

Usage Recommendations


Field Description
User Name Operating system user with appropriate rights to retrieve file system data

For Windows operating system users, this must include the domain prefix.

Password Password for the operating system user
Compute Resource Group Annotation value used to flag host and virtual machines for the data source discovers file systems.

A blank value indicates that the data source discovers file systems for all hosts and virtual machines not currently annotated with any Compute Resource Group.

Advanced configuration

Field Description
Inventory poll interval (min) Interval between inventory polls (default 360 minutes)