Amazon AWS EC2 data source

OnCommand Insight uses this data source to discover inventory and performance for Amazon AWS EC2.


How to configure this data source

To configure the Amazon AWS EC2 data source, you will need the AWS IAM Access Key ID and Secret Access Key for your AWS account.

Fill in the data source fields according to the tables below:


Field Description
AWS Region Choose AWS region
AWS IAM Access Key ID Enter AWS IAM Access Key ID
AWS IAM Secret Access Key Enter AWS IAM Secret Access Key
I understand AWS will bill me for API requests Check this to verify your understanding that AWS bills you for API requests made by Insight polling

Advanced Configuration:

Field Description
Inventory Poll Interval (min) Interval between inventory polls (default 60 minutes)
HTTP connection and socket timeout (sec) HTTP connection timeout (default 300 seconds)
Include AWS tags Check this to enable support for AWS tags in Insight annotations
Performance Poll Interval (sec) Interval between performance polls (default 1800 seconds)

Mapping AWS tags to Insight annotations

The AWS EC2 data source includes an option that allows you to populate Insight annotations with tags configured on AWS. The annotations must be named exactly as the AWS tags. Insight will always populate same-named text-type annotations, and will make a "best attempt" to populate annotations of other types (number, boolean, etc). If your annotation is of a different type and the data source fails to populate it, it may be necessary to remove the annotation and re-create it as a text type.

Note that AWS is case-sensitive, while Insight is case-insensitive. So if you create an annotation named "OWNER" in Insight, and tags named "OWNER", "Owner", and "owner" in AWS, all of the AWS variations of "owner" will map to Insight's "OWNER" annotation.