Configuring system-level event notifications

OnCommand Insight supports notifications for system-level events such as acquisition unit failures or data source errors. To receive notifications you must configure Insight to send email when one or more of these events occur.

Before you begin

You must have configured email recipients for receiving notifications in Admin > Notifications > Sending Methods.


  1. Click Admin > Notifications.
  2. Click Events.
  3. In the System Alert Events Email section, select the severity level (Warning and above or Critical) for the notification, or choose Do not send if you do not wish to receive notifications of system-level events.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Admin > System Alerts to configure the alerts themselves.
  6. To Add a new alert, click +Add and give the alert a unique Name. You can also click the right-side icon to Edit an existing alert.
  7. Choose the Event type on which to alert, for example Acquisition Unit Failure.
  8. Choose a Snooze interval to suppress notifications on duplicate events of the selected type for the selected time interval. If you select Never, you will receive repeat notifications once a minute until the event is no longer happening.
  9. Choose a Severity (Warning or Critical) for the event notification.
  10. Email notifications will be sent to the global email recipient list by default, or you can click the link provided to override the global list and send notifications to specific recipients.
  11. Click Save to add the alert.