Configuring a client to support Smart Card and certificate login

Client machines require middleware and modifications to browsers to enable the use of Smart Cards and for certificate login. Customers who are already using Smart Cards should not require additional modifications to their client machines.

Before you begin

About this task

The following are the common client configuration requirements:

Additional configuration steps include the following:


  1. Disable unnecessary dialog pop-ups when launching the Java client:
    1. Open the Java control panel.
    2. Select the Advanced tab.
    3. Select Advanced Security Settings.
    4. Clear the Use certificates and keys in browser keystore option.
  2. Import soft certificates into a user's personal certificates using the Chrome browser:
    1. Navigate to Advanced Settings.
    2. Select Manage Certificates
    3. Select the Personal" certificates tab.
    4. Select Import....
    5. Choose the .p12 file.
    6. Complete the wizard, making sure to fill in the password field with the password that was used to create the certificate.
    Similar steps are required to configure the Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.