Issue resolution with ASUP

You can send ASUP logs to technical support for assistance in troubleshooting. ASUP for Data Warehouse is configured to run automatically. In the Data Warehouse Portal, you can disable the automatic send process, choose to include a backup of the Data Warehouse database, or initiate a transmittal to ASUP.

The information in the logs is forwarded to technical support by using HTTPS protocol. No data is forwarded using ASUP unless you first configure it on the Insight Server.

Data Warehouse sends the logs to the OnCommand Insight Server that is the first connector listed in the Data Warehouse Portal Connectors page. The automatic process sends the following files:

You can generate a troubleshooting report manually. The Troubleshooting Report .zip file contains the following Data Warehouse information:

Note: ASUP does not automatically send a backup of the OnCommand Insight database to technical support.