Creating an SNMP integration data source

The Integration SNMP Data Source provides common SNMP configuration properties similar to other SNMP based data sources included with the OnCommand Insight data sources for Brocade and Cisco.

Before you begin

In order to successfully use the Integration SNMP data source to collect, the following must be true:
  • You must have already imported an integration pack you will use for this SNMP data source.
  • All target devices share the same credentials.
  • All target devices implement the SNMP Objects referenced by the configured integration pack.

About this task

To create an SNMP Integration data source, choose vendor "Integration" and model "SNMP" in the data source creation wizard.


  1. In the OnCommand Insight web UI, click Admin > Data Sources
  2. Click +Add
  3. Enter a name for the Data Source
  4. For Vendor, select Integration
  5. For Model, select SNMP
  6. For What to collect, check Integration
    This is the only package on this data source and is checked by default:
  7. Click Configuration
  8. Enter the IP addresses for the systems from which you will collect SNMP data
  9. Select an imported SNMP Integration Pack
  10. Set the integration poll interval
  11. Select the SNMP version
  12. Enter the SNMP community string
    For SNMP V1 and V2.
  13. Add the user name and password for systems you will be collecting data from.
    For SNMP V3.
  14. Click Advanced Configuration
    The Advanced Configuration default settings are displayed. Make any changes to these settings that are required.