Reporting on Cloud Cost data in Insight

Cloud cost monthly data collected in Insight is sent to the data warehouse and is available in the Cloud Cost datamart for use in reports.

Before you begin

You must have data sources configured to collect cloud cost data from AWS. Each billable user/account must have a separate data source.

Allow Insight at least 36 hours to begin collecting data.

Allow ETL to run at least once after that time, to send the data to the data warehouse.

About this task

After your data has been collected and sent to the data warehouse, you can view it in any of several pre-configured reports, or create custom reports. Insight stores the data in its own Cloud Cost datamart.

To view your cloud cost data in one of the pre-configured reports:


  1. Open Insight Reporting by one of these methods:
    • Click on the Reporting Portal icon in the Insight server web UI or in the Data Warehouse UI.
    • Launch Reporting directly by entering the following URL: https://<dwh_server_name>:9300/p2pd/servlet/dispatch or https://<dwh_server_name>:9300/bi (7.3.3 and later)
  2. Once you are logged in to Reporting, click on Public Folders and select Cloud Cost.
  3. You can view your AWS billing data in the available reports located in the Cloud Cost folder, or create your own custom report using the Cloud Cost datamart available from the Packages folder.