Querying and annotating tiers

You use queries to associate your annotations with the appropriate assets in your environment. Here, we will associate those tiers with the appropriate assets.

Earlier, we set up annotations for your Tiers. For this example, we will associate tiers with storage pools, and will assume your tier annotations are configured as follows:

Value Description Cost per Gb
Tier 1 SSD All Flash Array 0.5
Tier 2 SAS SAS 0.25
Tier 3 SATA SATA 0.1

Let’s search for all SSD disks in your environment, and associate the Tier 1 SSD annotation with them.

If you wish to associate the Tier 1 SSD annotation with other assets, create a new query and follow these steps for each asset type you desire.

Repeat these steps for the assets in each of your remaining tiers.