Install update set

As part of the integration between ServiceNow and OnCommand Insight you must install an Update Set, which loads pre-configured data into ServiceNow in order to provide the connector with specific fields and tables for extracting and loading data.


  1. Navigate to the remote update sets table in ServiceNow by searching for Retrieved update sets.
  2. Click on Import Update Set from XML.
  3. The update set is in the Python connector .zip file previously downloaded to your local drive (in our example, the C:\OCI2SNOW folder) in the \update_sets sub-folder. Click on Choose File and select the .xml file in this folder. Click Upload.
  4. Once the Update Set is loaded, open it and click on Preview Update Set.
    If errors are detected, you must correct them before you can commit the Update Set.
  5. If there are no errors, click Commit Update Set.
    Once the Update Set has been committed it will show on the System Update Sets > Update Sources page.