Reporting user roles

Each user account is assigned a role with a set of permissions. The number of users is limited by the number of Reporting licenses attached to each role.

Each role can perform the following actions:
Views OnCommand Insight Reporting portal dashboards and reports and sets personal preferences such as those for languages and time zones.
Note: Recipients cannot create reports, run reports, schedule reports, export reports, nor perform administrative tasks.
Business Consumer
Runs reports in Workspace and runs reports interactively in addition to performing all Recipient options.
Business Author
Views scheduled reports, runs reports interactively, and creates some reports in addition to performing all Business Consumer options.
Pro Author
Creates reports in addition to performing all Business Author options and has advanced reporting tool options that are available also with Report Studio.
Performs reporting administrative tasks such as the import and export of report definitions, configuration of reports, configuration of data sources, and the shutdown and restart of reporting tasks.
The following table shows the privileges and the maximum number of users allowed for each role:
Feature Recipient Business Consumer Business Author (Insight Plan only) Pro Author (Insight Plan only) Admin
View reports in the Public Folders and My Folders tabs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Run reports No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Schedule reports No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Create reports in Query Studio No No Yes Yes No
Create reports in Workspace No Yes Yes Yes No
Create reports in Workspace Advanced No No Yes Yes No
Create reports in Report Studio No No No Yes No
Perform administrative tasks No No No No Yes
Number of users Number of OnCommand Insight users 20 2 1 1

When you add a new Data Warehouse and Reporting user, if you exceed the limit in a role, the user is added as "deactivated," and you need to deactivate or remove another user with that role to give a new user membership.

Note: Report authoring capabilities require Insight Plan license. You can add additional Business Author and Pro Author users by purchasing the ARAP (Additional Report Authoring Package). Contact your OnCommand Insight representative for assistance.

These reporting user roles do not affect direct database access. These reporting user roles do not impact your ability to create SQL queries using the data marts.