Exporting logs

Exporting SnapCenter logs enables you to view them in hard copy or in another format.

About this task

You can view logs from remote hosts for a specific log type or a specific SnapCenter plug-in and host combination.

Note: Installer logs from the remote hosts are not included.


  1. From the SnapCenter left navigation pane, click Monitor.
  2. From the top navigation pane, click Logs.
  3. Choose the log type, host, and instance.

    If you select a log type of plugin, you can select a host or a plug-in. You cannot do this if the log type is server.

  4. Click Refresh.
  5. To filter the results by a specific source, message, or log level, click the filter icon at the top of the column heading.

    To show all logs, choose "Greater than or equal to"" the level of "Debug".

  6. Click Download.
    SnapCenter creates a .zip file that includes the specified logs.