Using the SnapCenter version.exe/debug log

SnapCenter creates one or more installation and uninstallation logs in a single bundle installation log file, InstallShield.log. You can use this version.exe/ log to troubleshoot installation and uninstallation processes.

About this task

Each section of the log starts with a line that includes "InstallShield suite engine (Unicode) started."

The log is located in the same folder as SnapCenterversion.exe.


  1. To specify a log file location and name, enter the path and name.
    SnapCenter1.0.exe /debuglog c:\SCBundleInstallLog.txt
  2. Look for the final status by searching for "final exit status" text.
    The final status includes a code that indicates either that the installation was successful or that errors occurred:
    • 0x00000000 indicates success.
    • 0x00000642 indicates that the user canceled the installation process.
    • 0x00000643 indicates that an error occurred in the installation process.
  3. Search for the error by searching up from the "final exit status" text at the end of the log section.
    4-24-2015[02:33:43 PM]: UI DLL: Display Error: 
    The following items are required to launch this setup: 
    System restart since there is a pending restart.
  4. To determine which Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) installer log includes the error, locate "Parcel operation return status" and find the product code, which indicates the log you should review:
    • {DEF09FA0-E342-4378-A38C-A4E49D3B05A9} indicates SnapCenter Server.
    • {3F29BA2D-F761-4A6C-AC76-EB07B5D1B713} indicates SMCore.