Monitoring jobs, schedules, events, and logs

Viewing active jobs, scheduled tasks, events, and log information related to SnapCenter enables you to monitor the health of your system, assess your data protection status, and use system log files for troubleshooting.

You can perform the following tasks related to monitoring:

Using this page... You can perform these tasks...

View information about backup, clone, restore, and verification jobs. You can filter this view based on start and end date, type of job, resource group, policy, or SnapCenter plug-in. You can also get additional details and log files for specified job.

Schedules View backup, clone, or verification schedules that you created in your SnapCenter configuration. You can filter this view by host, schedule start date and time, schedule expiration date and time, and by job type.
Events View information about SnapCenter system activities, such as when a user creates a resource group or when the system initiates activities, such as creating a scheduled backup. All job information appears in the Events page. For example, when a backup job starts, a "backup start" event appears. When the backup completes, a "backup complete" event appears.
Logs View SnapCenter Server and plug-in logs for troubleshooting.