Viewing SnapCenter Standard capacity license details

You can view the SnapCenter Standard capacity license details to quickly locate information about each license.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Settings.
  2. In the Settings page, click Software.
  3. In the License section of the Software page, view the following information:
    Serial Number
    The capacity package serial number.
    The type of capacity license.
    The amount of licensed capacity.
    The amount of used capacity.
    The amount of used capacity over the licensed capacity.
  4. To view additional details for a specific license, select a license, and then click Details.
  5. To determine the type of capacity licenses you have installed in SnapCenter, the license capacity, and other license license details, in the Details page, view the following information for the selected license:
    Serial Number
    The serial number for the capacity license you selected.
    The type of license package you selected. For example, SW-SSP-SNAPCTR-STD-TRIAL indicates a SnapCenter standard capacity trial license.
    The amount of licensed capacity.
    Capacity notifications
    The types of notifications you configured. For example, you can configure Email, EMS, and AutoSupport notifications.
    Support agreement
    The license expiration date and a link to the support agreement on the NetApp Support Site.