Centralized reporting options

SnapCenter makes it easy for you to monitor the health of your systems and your data protection job status, get more detailed information about data protection jobs, monitor SnapCenter activity, and use system log files for troubleshooting.


From the SnapCenter left navigation pane, the Dashboard gives you a first glance into the health of your system, the status of your data protection jobs (backup, restore, and clone), your database protection status, and a SnapVault status.

You can also request more detailed reports about data protection jobs from the Dashboard by clicking one of the pie charts. The report you generate from here pertains only to the jobs you clicked.


From the SnapCenter left navigation pane, the Reports page offers a more detailed view into data protection jobs (backup, restore, and clone) and plug-in information. You can run reports about all jobs of the selected type (backup, clone, or restore), jobs for a specific host, jobs for a specific resource group, jobs for a specific policy, jobs with a specific status (completed, failed, or warning), and jobs for a specific resource. The plug-in report provides details about resource protection. You can export reports in a variety of formats and print them.

Monitor options

From the SnapCenter left navigation pane, the Monitor page enables you to view the following details:

Displays information about host, resource group, policy, plug-in installation and uninstallation, provision, discovery, backup, restore, clone, and verification jobs. You can filter this view based on either start and end date, type of job, or status. You can also get additional details by clicking Details after selecting a job. The Details window enables you to view log details. You can also view the log details by clicking View Logs. For backup, clone, and restore jobs, you can click Report and view the detailed report for that specific job.
Displays information about schedules you have created in your SnapCenter environment. In the Schedule section, when you select a specific resource group from the drop-down box and select a schedule type, the details about the schedule (such as the policy that initiated the schedule, the host, the start time, the schedule expire time, the next run, and the last run of the schedule) are displayed.
Displays information about system activity, such as when a user creates a resource group or when the system initiates activities, such as creating a scheduled backup. All job information appears in the Events page. For example, when a backup job starts, a "backup start" event appears. When the backup is complete, a "backup complete" event appears.
Displays SnapCenter Server and plug-in logs. Plug-in logs are available by host and plug-in. You can also filter by a specific source or message or select a log level. You can use these logs for advanced troubleshooting.