Adding SnapCenter licenses

The SnapCenter Standard license enables the protection of applications, databases, files systems, and virtual machines. Before you add a storage system to SnapCenter, you must install one or more SnapCenter licenses.

About this task

You must install a SnapCenter license if you are using any SnapCenter plug-ins, including the following:

The type of SnapCenter licenses you install depends on your storage environment and the features that you want to use.

To enable protection of applications, databases, file systems, and virtual machines, you must have either a Standard controller-based license installed on your FAS or AFF storage system, or a Standard capacity-based license installed on your ONTAP Select and ONTAP Cloud platforms.

A SnapCenter Standard controller-based or Standard capacity license enables you add an SVM to a SnapCenter instance to provide support for all data protection operations provided by SnapCenter plug-ins on ONTAP storage.

Best Practice: It is recommended, but not required, that you also add SnapCenter Standard licenses to secondary destinations. If SnapCenter Standard licenses are not enabled on secondary systems, some features, such as cloning and verification, are not available, and you cannot use SnapCenter after performing a failover operation.
Note: SnapCenter Advanced and SnapCenter NAS File Services licenses are deprecated, and are no longer available.