Installing the SnapCenter Server

You can use the InstallShield wizard to install the SnapCenter Server.

Before you begin

About this task

Installing SnapCenter Server silently from the command-line is not supported.


  1. Download the SnapCenter Server installation package from NetApp Support Site.
  2. Install the SnapCenter Server by performing one of the following:
    • Double-click the downloaded .exe file to launch the SnapCenter Server installer.
    • From a Windows command prompt on the local host, change to the directory where you downloaded the installer and run the .exe file.
    You can install in debug mode by running:SnapCenterversion.exe/debuglog dir_path\log_name.log
  3. In the Prerequisites Validation screen, the host is validated to see if it meets the requirements to install the SnapCenter Server.
    If the minimum requirements are not met appropriate error or warning messages are displayed. If the restart of the host is pending, a warning message is displayed.
    Note: If you get an error stating minimum requirements are not met even though the host meets all the requirements, you should skip prerequisite validation. From the command prompt, you should install by running:SnapCenterversion.exe ALLOW_PREREQ_NEXT=true
  4. In the Network Load Balancing screen, if you want to enable and configure NLB select Enable and configure NLB on the host.
    1. Select Create new NLB cluster and enter the details for first node.
    2. After creating the NLB cluster on the first node, when you run the installer on a second node, select Join existing NLB cluster and enter the details.

      When you install SnapCenter Server on two nodes in an NLB cluster, you must register the NLB cluster name and IP address with your DNS server before you run the SnapCenter Server installer on the second node in the cluster.

    Note: You must run the SnapCenter Server installation package on the second node of the NLB setup only after successfully installing SnapCenter Server on the first node. You must never try installing SnapCenter Server on both the nodes simultaneously.
  5. In the Application Request Routing screen, select Configure ARR farm for SnapCenter to configure ARR.
    This screen is displayed only if ARR is correctly installed.
  6. In the Credentials screen, enter the credentials that you want to use to log in to SnapCenter as the administrator.
    You need a domain user with local Windows administrator permissions.
    Note: After installing SnapCenter Server, you must log into SnapCenter to setup RBAC and configure access for other users or groups.
  7. In the Installation Folder screen, browse and provide the path where you want to install SnapCenter Server and SnapCenter repository.
    • The SnapCenter Server web component and SnapCenter SMCore Service are installed in the corresponding folders at the default location C:\Program Files\NetApp.
    • The repository component is installed at the default location C:\ProgramData\NetApp\SnapCenter.
    Note: In a NLB setup for the second node, the installation path used for installing on first node is auto populated and is non configurable.
  8. In the SnapCenter Ports Configuration screen, enter the port details.
    The default ports are auto populated but you can specify a custom port. In a NLB setup for the second node, the ports used while installing on the first node are auto populated and is non configurable.
  9. In the MySQL Database Connection screen, enter the MySQL database password.
    Note: The MySQL database password cannot contain the following characters: [ ], ", ', `, ^, %, &, <, >, (, ), |, /, \, ;, =, #, comma, space, New-line, and Tab.
    While installing SnapCenter Server on the first node, MySQL NSM database is installed. While installing SnapCenter Server on the second node, you must join the NLB of the first node and a copy of the NSM database is created on the second node. Thus, MySQL replication for high availability is configured.
    Note: MySQL NSM database is not uninstalled if you do not uninstall SnapCenter Server from the last NLB node. Therefore, when you re-install SnapCenter Server, you must enter the same port specified during the earlier installation.
  10. In the Ready to Install screen, click Install.
    Log files are listed (oldest first) in the %temp% folder.