SnapCenter Server installation worksheet

As you prepare to install SnapCenter Server, you can simplify the installation process by collecting the required information in advance.

Required information Your value
Application Request Routing (ARR) You must decide whether you want to enable ARR for high availability. ARR must be installed and configured before you install SnapCenter.
Network Load Balancing (NLB) If you want to enable NLB, you must know whether you want to create an NLB cluster or join an existing cluster.

If you want to create an NLB cluster, you must obtain the following information:

  • NLB Cluster name:
  • NLB Cluster primary IP:
  • Interface name:

If you want to join an existing NLB cluster, you must obtain the following information:

  • First NLB node IP:
  • Interface name:

You can configure NLB before installing the SnapCenter Server or during installation.

Credentials You must know the credentials that you want to use to log in to SnapCenter as the administrator. You need a domain user with local administrator permissions:
  • Account (Domain\User):
  • Password:
Installation location You can browse and provide the path where you want to install the SnapCenter Server and SnapCenter repository.
  • Location of the SnapCenter Server web component and SnapCenter SMCore Service:
  • Location of SnapCenter repository:
SnapCenter Server port configuration You must specify the correct port numbers. To change a port number, you must reinstall the SnapCenter Server.

If you specify a custom port when you install the SnapCenter Server, you must add a firewall rule on the plug-in host for that port for the SnapCenter Plug-in Loader (SPL).

  • SnapCenter port: 8146 fixed
  • SnapCenter SMCore communication port:
  • MySQL port:
  • Plug-in ports:

For additional details, see connection and port requirements.

MySQL Database connection If you are using MySQL as the SnapCenter database repository, you must specify the password.
Note: The password cannot contain the following characters: [ ], ", ', `, ^, %, &, <, >, (, ), |, /, \, ;, =, #, comma, space, New-line, and Tab.