Monitoring SnapCenter plug-in package installation status

You can monitor the progress of SnapCenter plug-in package installation by using the Jobs page. You might want to check the progress of installation to determine when it is complete or if there is an issue.

About this task

The following icons appear on the Jobs page and indicate the state of the operation:


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Monitor.
  2. In the Monitor page, click Jobs.
  3. On the Jobs page, to filter the list so that only plug-in installation operations are listed, do the following:
    1. Click Filter.
    2. Optional: Specify the start and end date.
    3. From the Type drop-down menu, select Plug-in installation.
    4. From the Status drop-down menu, select the installation status.
    5. Click Apply.
  4. Select the installation job and click Details to view the job details.
  5. In the Job Details page, click View logs.