SnapCenter repository

The SnapCenter repository, sometimes referred to as the NSM database, stores information and metadata for every aspect of SnapCenter.

When you install SnapCenter 3.0 or later, MySQL Server is installed on the SnapCenter Server host as the repository database.
Note: If an existing application relies on a specific version of MySQL Server, you should resolve the issue before installing SnapCenter or you should install SnapCenter on a different host.
If you are using a Microsoft SQL Server database with an earlier version of SnapCenter and you are upgrading to SnapCenter 3.0 or later, then Microsoft SQL Server is upgraded to MySQL Server and all of the repository data is migrated to the MySQL repository database.
Note: The time required to migrate all of the repository data depends on the repository size.

The SnapCenter repository stores the following information and metadata:

SnapCenter can back up its own repository by using the SnapCenter repository management features.