Restore operation fails when you select a backup of an orphan incarnation


The restore operation fails either because the specified datafile was restored from a backup that was taken during a period of time that has already been discarded by a RESETLOGS operation or because Oracle cannot identify the database incarnation of the datafile.

Error message

ORA-19909: datafile %s belongs to an orphan incarnation.

Corrective action

Restore the datafile from a backup that belongs to either the current incarnation or a prior incarnation of the database.

The System Change Number (SCN) of the backup is displayed in the last column of the Topology page. You can use any of the backups with an SCN that is less than the current incarnation number. You should run the list incarnation command from the RMAN prompt of the target database to identify the current incarnation number.

In the following example, an earlier incarnation is changed to the current incarnation and all of the incarnations after that have become orphan incarnations. You can select any backup with an SCN that is less than or equal to 11061559.

RMAN> list incarnation;
List of Database Incarnations
DB Key  Inc Key DB Name  DB ID            STATUS  Reset SCN  Reset Time
1       1       PDB_251  913203095        PARENT  1594143    26-SEP-17
2       2       PDB_251  913203095        PARENT  11031188   15-JAN-18
3       3       PDB_251  913203095        ORPHAN  11032983   15-JAN-18
4       4       PDB_251  913203095        PARENT  11032983   16-JAN-18
5       5       PDB_251  913203095        PARENT  11056390   16-JAN-18
8       8       PDB_251  913203095        ORPHAN  11059991   16-JAN-18
9       9       PDB_251  913203095        PARENT  11059991   16-JAN-18
6       6       PDB_251  913203095        ORPHAN  11060900   16-JAN-18
13      13      PDB_251  913203095        CURRENT 11061559   16-JAN-18  
7       7       PDB_251  913203095        ORPHAN  11061957   16-JAN-18
10      10      PDB_251  913203095        ORPHAN  11062444   16-JAN-18
11      11      PDB_251  913203095        ORPHAN  11064232   16-JAN-18
12      12      PDB_251  913203095        ORPHAN  11064233   16-JAN-18