Accessing VMware vSphere web client reports

You can request reports for one or more VMware vSphere web client jobs from the Dashboard.


  1. In the left navigator pane of the VMware vSphere web client, click Dashboard and then select a vCenter Server.
  2. Click the Status tab, then click on a pie slice in the chart to see more details in the Reports page.
    For example, you can click the portion of the pie chart for successful backup jobs. The Reports tab is displayed containing information for the job type and time range that you selected on the Status tab.
  3. Optional: For Backup Reports, you can do the following:
    • Modify the report

      Click the (filter) icon to modify the time range, job status type, resource groups, and policies to be included in the report.

    • Generate a detailed report

      Double-click any job to generate a detailed report for that job.

  4. Optional: On the Reports tab, click Download.
    You can download reports in HTML or CSV format.