Information provided in VMware vSphere web client Dashboard reports

The VMware vSphere web client Dashboard gives you a first glance into the health of your VMs and the status of your data protection jobs, and makes it easy for you to generate reports.

Note: Icons in the dashboard or the Getting Started tab might change when you select the Plug-in for VMware vSphere home button. This does not change the functionality of the plug-in and the changed icons revert to the correct icons when the menu or dialog box closes.

For information on the SnapCenter Dashboard reports, see the administration documentation.

Performing administrative tasks

Status tab: Software version tile

The first tile displays whether the SnapCenter Server and Plug-in for VMware vSphere are installed and the version each is running.

A green checkmark indicates that the component is installed and registered successfully.

The (download icon) in the search title bar downloads a selected, single, job or downloads all the plug-in job logs.

Status tab: Backup, mount, and restore job tiles

The backup, restore, and mount job tiles display information about the data protection jobs you have run during the specified time. You can customize the time frame for the report by changing the time frame located in each tile; the maximum value is 100 days. The default report provides information about data protection jobs run for the past seven days.

The job tiles are automatically updated every hour. To see the most recent information, click in the toolbar.

For Backup Reports, you can click the (filter) icon to modify the time range, job status type, resource groups, and policies to be included in the report.

The default time range is seven days. You can modify the default time range in the tile on the Dashboard.

Note: For definitions of the status terms used in each tile, click in the tile.

Status tab: VM Backup Status tile

The VM Backup Status tile displays information about the protection status of VMs that are compatible with SnapCenter.

The default time range is seven days. You can modify the default time range in the override configuration file by modifying the variable dashboard.protected.vm.count.interval. See the section on advanced settings for customizing the default time range.

The Status tab displays only VMs that are compatible with SnapCenter. It does not display other VMs in vCenter that are incompatible with SnapCenter. For example, it does not display VMs that are running ONTAP in 7-Mode. You can view all VMs in the vCenter VMs and Templates page.

For definitions of the protection terms, click in the tile.

Job Monitor tab

Displays jobs and job details. You can download job logs for individual jobs or for all jobs.

Reports tab

Displays a more detailed view into data protection jobs. You can run backup reports about all jobs of the selected type, jobs for a specific resource group, jobs for a specific policy, and jobs with a specific status (completed, failed, or warning). You can download reports in HTML or CSV format. Click (filter icon) to configure what you want the report to include: time range, job status type, resource groups, and policies.

The Reports tab retains the report selection from the last time you viewed a report.

Attention: On the Reports tab, you can access backup reports only. You can access all report types by clicking a pie chart on the Dashboard.
Note: For backup jobs, the numbers in the Status tab for backup jobs might not match the numbers in the Reports tab. The Status tab lists all completed backup jobs. In contrast, the Reports tab includes only backup jobs that are still available.

For example, the Status tab might display a total of 142 successfully completed primary and secondary backup jobs during a selected time range. However, when you click the green successful portion of the graph, which jumps you to the Reports tab, the report might display only 20 successful backup jobs. This occurs because the retention settings in your backup policies caused some of the backup jobs to be deleted.

Getting Started tab

Displays a graphic of the workflow for setting up the Plug-in for VMware vSphere.