Deleting resource groups

You can delete a resource group if you no longer need to protect the resources in the resource group. You must ensure that all resource groups are deleted before you remove plug-ins from vCenter or SnapCenter.

About this task

All resource group delete operations are performed as force deletes. The delete operation detaches all policies from the resource group, removes the resource group from SnapCenter Plug-in for VMware vSphere, and deletes all backups and Snapshot copies of the resource group.
Note: In a SnapVault relationship, the last Snapshot copy cannot be deleted; therefore, the resource group cannot be deleted. Before deleting a resource group that is part of a SnapVault relationship, you must use either OnCommand System Manager or use the ONTAP CLI to remove the SnapVault relationship, and then you must delete the last Snapshot copy.


  1. In the left Navigator pane of the VMware vSphere web client, click Resource Groups.
  2. On the Resource Groups page, on the Objects tab, select a resource group in the table and click (Delete).
  3. In the Delete resource group confirmation box, click Yes to confirm.