Checking for common configuration issues using Config Advisor

You can use the Config Advisor tool to check for common configuration issues. The tool also provides recommendations to resolve the issues.

About this task

Config Advisor is a configuration validation and health check tool for NetApp systems.

You can run Config Advisor for SnapCenter on specific storage virtual machines (SVMs), clusters, vCenters, and application hosts to check for configuration issues on those entities. You can also run it on an existing SnapCenter Server to check the configuration of the entities registered with the SnapCenter Server.

NetApp Knowledgebase Answer 1082305: How to use SnapCenter Config Checker Plug-in


  1. Log in to the NetApp Support Site, and then navigate to Downloads > Software > ToolChest.
  2. Click Config Advisor.
  3. Download, install, and run Config Advisor by following the directions on the web page.
  4. After running Config Advisor, review the tool's output, and follow the recommendations that are provided to address any issues that are discovered by the tool.