Monitoring SnapCenter events

You can view a list of SnapCenter events in the system, such as when a user creates a resource group or when the system initiates activities, such as creating a scheduled backup. You might want to view events to determine if an operation such as a backup or a restore operation is currently in progress.

About this task

All job information appears in the Events page. For example, when a backup job starts, a "backup start" event appears. When the backup completes, a "backup complete" event appears.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Monitor.
  2. In the Monitor page, click Events.
  3. Optional. In the Filter box, enter the start or end date, category of event (such as backup, resource group, or policy) and severity level, and click Apply. Alternatively, enter characters in the Search box.
  4. View the list of events.