Monitoring SnapCenter logs

You can view and download SnapCenter server logs, SnapCenter host agent logs, and plug-in logs. You might want to view the logs to help with troubleshooting.

You can filter the logs to show only a specific log severity level:

You can also obtain job level logs: for example, logs that help you troubleshoot the reason for a backup job failure. For job level logs, use the Monitor > Jobs option.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Monitor.
  2. In the Monitor page, click Logs.
  3. Select the log type, host, and instance.

    If you select a log type of plugin, you can select a host or SnapCenter plug-in. You cannot do this if the log type is server.

  4. To filter the logs by a specific source, message, or log level, click the filter icon at the top of the column heading.

    To show all logs, choose "Greater than or equal to"as the "Debug" levl.

  5. Click Refresh.
  6. View the list of logs.

In large configurations for optimum performance, you should set the log settings for SnapCenter to minimal level by using the PowerShell cmdlet. Set-SmLogSettings -LogLevel All -MaxFileSize 10MB -MaxSizeRollBackups 10 -JobLogsMaxFileSize 10MB -Server

The information regarding the parameters that can be used with the command and their descriptions can be obtained by running help command_name. Alternatively, you can also refer to the Command Reference Guide.

SnapCenter Software 4.2 Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide