Deleting the storage system

You can use SnapCenter to delete any unused storage system.

About this task

You can delete storage connections for an individual user or for a group. If you belong to one or more groups with permission to the same storage system, the storage system name is displayed multiple times in the storage connection list, once for each group with permission to the storage system.

Attention: When you are deleting a storage system, all operations that are being performed on that storage system will fail.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Storage Systems.
  2. In the Storage Systems page, from the Type drop-down, select either ONTAP SVMs or ONTAP Clusters.
  3. In the Storage Connections page, either select the check box next to the SVM, or the cluster that you want to delete.
    Note: You cannot select the SVM that is part of a cluster.
  4. Click Delete.
  5. In the Delete Storage System Connection Settings page, click OK.
    Note: If an SVM is deleted from ONTAP cluster using ONTAP GUI, in the SnapCenter GUI click Rediscover to update the SVM list.