Restoring a SnapCenter database repository

You can restore the SnapCenter repository by running the Restore-SmRepositoryBackup cmdlet.

About this task

When you are restoring the SnapCenter repository, other SnapCenter operations that are running will be impacted because during the restore operation the repository database is not accessible.


  1. Launch PowerShell.
  2. From the command prompt, enter the following cmdlet, and then provide credentials to connect to the SnapCenter Server: Open-SMConnection
  3. Restore the respository backup using the Restore-SmRepositoryBackup cmdlet.

    The information regarding the parameters that can be used with the cmdlet and their descriptions can be obtained by runningGet-Help command_name. Alternatively, you can also refer to the Cmdlet Reference Guide.

    SnapCenter Software 4.2 Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide


The following cmdlet restores the SnapCenter MySQL database repository from the backups existing on either iSCSI LUN or VMDK:

C:\PS>Restore-SmRepositoryBackup -BackupName MYSQL_DS_SC_Repository_mva-x3550-s09_09-15-2016_10.32.00.4445
The following cmdlet restores the SnapCenter MySQL database when backup files are deleted accidentally in the iSCSI LUN. For VMDK manually restore the backup from ONTAP Snapshot copies.
C:\PS>Restore-SmRepositoryBackup -BackupName MYSQL_DS_SC_Repository_mva-x3550-s09_09-15-2016_10.32.00.4445 -RestoreFileSystem