Establishing an iSCSI session

If you are using iSCSI to connect to a LUN, you must establish an iSCSI session before you create the LUN to enable communication.

Before you begin

About this task

You can establish an iSCSI session only between the same IP versions: either IPv6 to IPv6 or IPv4 to IPv4.

You can use a link-local IPv6 address for iSCSI session management and for communication between a host and a target only when both are in the same subnet.

If you change the name of an iSCSI initiator, access to iSCSI targets is affected. After changing the name, you might require to reconfigure the targets accessed by the initiator so that they can recognize the new name. You must ensure to restart the host after changing the name of an iSCSI initiator.


  1. In the left navigation pane, click Hosts.
  2. In the Hosts page, click iSCSI Session.
  3. From the Storage Virtual Machine drop-down list, select the storage virtual machine (SVM) for the iSCSI target.
  4. From the Host drop-down list, select the host for the session.
  5. Click Establish Session.
    The Establish Session wizard is displayed.
  6. In the Establish Session wizard, identify the target:
    In this field... Enter...
    Target node name The node name of the iSCSI target

    If there is an existing target node name, the name is displayed in read-only format.

    Target portal address The IP address of the target network portal
    Target portal port The TCP port of the target network portal
    Initiator portal address The IP address of the initiator network portal
  7. When you are satisfied with your entries, click Connect.
    SnapCenter establishes the iSCSI session.
  8. Repeat this procedure to establish a session for each target.