Viewing backups of the SnapCenter repository

You can display a list of SnapCenter Server database repository backups by running the Get-SmRepositoryBackups cmdlet.

About this task

The repository backups are created according to the schedule specified in the Protect-SmRepository cmdlet. You can also create repository backups from the SnapCenter GUI.


  1. Launch PowerShell.
  2. From the command prompt, enter the following cmdlet, and then provide credentials to connect to the SnapCenter Server: Open-SMConnection
  3. List all available SnapCenter database backups using the Get-SmRepositoryBackups cmdlet.
    The information regarding the parameters that can be used with the cmdlet and their descriptions can be obtained by runningGet-Help command_name. Alternatively, you can also refer to the Cmdlet Reference Guide.

    SnapCenter Software 4.2 Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide