Backup operation fails if database query is timed out


Backup operation fails if database query execution time exceeds the timeout value either because of offline volume, database is not reachable, archive log destination is full, or storage volume is full.

Error message

Failed to update metadata due to: ORACLE-10012: Error executing SQL " SELECT TS.NAME as TS_NAME, DBATS.CONTENTS as DBATS_CONTENTS, DBATS.STATUS as DBATS_STATUS, DBATS.BLOCK_SIZE as DBATS_BLOCK_SIZE, TF.FILE_NAME AS TF_NAME, TF.BYTES as TF_BYTES, V$TABLESPACE TS WHERE TF.TABLESPACE_NAME = TS.NAME AND TS.NAME = DBATS.TABLESPACE_NAME ORDER BY TS.NAME" within 2100 seconds against Oracle database v2003d7. Check the database status or increase timeout.

ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation.

If the SQL query exceeds the timeout value, the SQL query operation is cancelled.

Corrective action

You must fix the scenario that caused the operation to fail.

If the database queries are slow, change the value of the ORACLE_SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT and ORACLE_PLUGIN_SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT parameters by running the following command: /opt/Netapp/snapcenter/spl/bin/sccli Set-SmConfigSettings -ConfigSettingsType Plugin -PluginCode SCO -ConfigSettings "KEY=ORACLE_SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT,VALUE=user_defined_value" -ConfigSettings "KEY=ORACLE_PLUGIN_SQL_QUERY_TIMEOUT=user_defined_value"

After modifying the value of the parameters, restart the SnapCenter Plug-in Loader (SPL) service by running the following command: /opt/NetApp/snapcenter/spl/bin/spl restart