Data protection operation is queued or canceled if operational lock file is not deleted


While performing an operation on the database, an operational lock file (sm_lock_dbsid) is created in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs to avoid multiple operations being executed on the database. This operational lock file is automatically deleted soon after the operation is completed. However, sometimes if the previous backup had been completed with a warning, the operational lock file might not get deleted, and the next backup operation gets into the wait queue. It might eventually get canceled if the sm_lock_dbsid file is not deleted.

The cataloging operation fails if the database name is missing form the \etc\oratab file. The operational lock file that was created is not deleted because SID of the database cannot be retrieved.

Error message

Plugin cannot accept any more jobs at this time. Job will be queued, and retried after 5 minutes.

The job is canceled successfully.

Corrective action

You must manually delete the operational lock file by performing the following steps:

  1. From the command prompt, navigate to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs.
  2. Delete the operational lock:rm -rf .sm_lock_dbsid.