File-Based Backup workflow fails at custom file path


The File-Based Backup workflow fails during the Start file based backup if the path provided does not have proper permission.

Error message

System.Exception : SmJobId [1525] Failed! JobError: [SCC-00301: Start of backup type [FileBasedBackup] for plug-in [hana] failed with error message:* 447: backup could not be completed: [2000004] Cannot open file ""/.H30_sccorelinux61_sccore_test_com_hana_H30_H30_sccorelinux61_06-14-2018_12.58.00.3411_databackup_0_1" ((closed, mode= W, access= rw-r-----, flags= DIRECT|TRUNCATE|MULTI_WRITERS|UNALIGNED_SIZE), factory= (root= "/tmp/HanaFileLog/SYSTEMDB/" (access= rw-r-----, flags= AUTOCREATE_PATH|DISKFULL_ERROR, usage= DATA_BACKUP, fs= UNKNOWN (btrfs), config= (async_write_submit_active=on,async_write_submit_blocks=all,async_read_submit=on,num_submit_queues=1,num_completion_queues=1,size_kernel_io_queue=512,max_parallel_io_requests=64,min_submit_batch_size=16,max_submit_batch_size=64))", rc=2: No such file or directory SQLSTATE: HY000Start file backup query failed for database [SYSTEMDB] and comment [sccorelinux61_sccore_test_com_hana_H30_H30_sccorelinux61_06-14-2018_12.58.00.3411]StartAppBackup Failed] 

Corrective action

Perform the following actions:
  • Ensure that the file in the custom path and the parent directory in which it resides have read, write, and execute permission for other users.
  • Change the ownership of the file in the custom path to <sid admin> user. You must ensure that the parent folders have the right permissions for the sid admin to access the required folders.

If the above corrective actions fail, perform the following action:

Manually create the folders SYSTEMDB and DB_<SID> as sid admin user in the custom path given.