Installing the SnapCenter Plug-in for Exchange silently from the command line

You should install Plug-in for Exchange from within the SnapCenter user interface. However, if you cannot for some reason, you can run the Plug-in for Exchange installation program unattended in silent mode from the Windows command line.

Before you begin


  1. Download the SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows from C:\ProgramData\NetApp\SnapCenter\Package Repository.
    This path is accessible from the host where the SnapCenter Server is installed.
  2. Copy the installation file to the host on which you want to install the plug-in.
  3. From a Windows command prompt on the local host, navigate to the directory to which you saved the plug-in installation files.
  4. Enter the following command to install replacing the variables with your data:
    "snapcenter_windows_host_plugin.exe"/silent /debuglog"<Debug_Log_Path>" /log"<Log_Path>" BI_SNAPCENTER_PORT=<Num> SUITE_INSTALLDIR="<Install_Directory_Path>" BI_SERVICEACCOUNT=<domain\administrator> BI_SERVICEPWD=<password> ISFeatureInstall=SCW,SCE

    For example, "C:\ProgramData\NetApp\SnapCenter\Package Repository\snapcenter_windows_host_plugin.exe"/silent /debuglog"C:\HPPW_SCSQL_Install.log" /log"C:\" BI_SNAPCENTER_PORT=8145 SUITE_INSTALLDIR="C: \Program Files\NetApp\SnapCenter" BI_SERVICEACCOUNT=domain\administrator BI_SERVICEPWD=password ISFeatureInstall=SCW,SCE

    Enter the following values for the variables:
    Variable Value

    Specify the name and location of the suite installer log file, as in the following example: Setup.exe /debuglog"C:\PathToLog\setupexe.log".

    BI_SNAPCENTER_PORT Specify the port on which SnapCenter communicates with SMCore.
    SUITE_INSTALLDIR Specify host plug-in package installation directory.
    BI_SERVICEACCOUNT Specify SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows web service account.
    BI_SERVICEPWD Specify the password for SnapCenter Plug-in for Microsoft Windows web service account.
    ISFeatureInstall Specify the solution to be deployed by SnapCenter on remote host.