Viewing licenses installed on the controller using the ONTAP command line

You can use the ONTAP command line to view all the licenses installed on your controller to determine whether you have the SnapManagerSuite license already installed.

Before you begin

You must be a cluster administrator on the FAS or AFF system.

About this task

Note: The SnapCenter Standard controller-based license displays as SnapManagerSuite license on the controller.


  1. Log in to the NetApp controller using the ONTAP command line.
  2. Enter the license show command, and then view the output to determine whether the SnapManagerSuite license is installed.
    cluster1::> license show
    (system license show)
    Serial Number: 1-80-0000xx
    Owner: cluster1
    Package           Type     Description              Expiration     
    ----------------- -------- ---------------------    ---------------
    Base              site     Cluster Base License     -
    Serial Number: 1-81-000000000000000000000000xx
    Owner: cluster1-01
    Package           Type     Description              Expiration   
    ----------------- -------- ---------------------    ---------------
    NFS               license  NFS License              -
    CIFS              license  CIFS License             -
    iSCSI             license  iSCSI License            -
    FCP               license  FCP License              -
    SnapRestore       license  SnapRestore License      -
    SnapMirror        license  SnapMirror License       -
    FlexClone         license  FlexClone License        -
    SnapVault         license  SnapVault License        -
    SnapManagerSuite  license  SnapManagerSuite License -

    In the example, the SnapManagerSuite license is installed, therefore, no additional SnapCenter licensing action is required.

After you finish

If no SnapManagerSuite license is displayed, you must obtain your controller serial number, and then retrieve your license from the NetApp Support Site.