Searching for content

The Documentation Center includes a full-text search for all publications.


  1. Enter a search term or phrase in the Search Documentation Center field, and then click Button: Start search.
    The search is not case-sensitive.
    Search results are displayed on the Search tab. When you click a topic title in the results, the topic is displayed. By default, all instances of the words in the search are highlighted. You can turn the highlight on or off at any time.
    Button: Highlight search terms
    Search term highlight is turned on.
    Button: Highlight search terms
    Search term highlight is turned off.
  2. Optional: If the search shows too few or too many results, refine the search definition.

    By default, search results include common variants of the search terms. For example, if you search for installing, the results will include topics that contain installing, install, installed, installation, and so forth.

    If you want to... Do this...
    Refine the search Use quotation marks, Boolean expressions, or other methods to create a more precise search phrase.

    Tips for improving search results

    Reduce the pool of topics in the search Create a filter to exclude content that is not relevant.

    Applying a filter