EMS events that are added automatically to Unified Manager

When using Unified Manager 9.4 or greater software the following ONTAP EMS events are added automatically and will be generated when triggered on any cluster that Unified Manager is monitoring.

The following EMS events are available when monitoring clusters running ONTAP 9.4 or greater software:

Unified Manager Event name EMS Event name Affected resource Severity
Objstore Host Unresolvable objstore.host.unresolvable Node Error
Objstore InterClusterLifDown objstore.interclusterlifDown Node Error
Cloud AWS MetaDataConnFail cloud.aws.metadataConnFail Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsExpired cloud.aws.iamCredsExpired Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsInvalid cloud.aws.iamCredsInvalid Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsNotFound cloud.aws.iamCredsNotFound Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMCredsNotInitialized cloud.aws.iamNotInitialized Node Information
Cloud AWS IAMRoleInvalid cloud.aws.iamRoleInvalid Node Error
Cloud AWS IAMRoleNotFound cloud.aws.iamRoleNotFound Node Error
QoS Monitor Memory Maxed qos.monitor.memory.maxed Node Error
QoS Monitor Memory Abated qos.monitor.memory.abated Node Information
NVMeNS Destroy NVMeNS.destroy Namespace Information
FlexGroup Constituents Have Space Issues flexgroup.constituents.have.space.issues Volume Error
FlexGroup Constituents Space Status All OK flexgroup.constituents.space.status.all.ok Volume Information
FlexGroup Constituents Have Inodes Issues flexgroup.constituents.have.inodes.issues Volume Error
FlexGroup Constituents Inodes Status All OK flexgroup.constituents.inodes.status.all.ok Volume Information