SnapLock Log commands

Create and manage audit log configuration for a Vserver.

The snaplock log commands manage SnapLock log infrastructure for the SnapLock feature. This infrastructure provides the capability to record events that are required to provide an audit trail. These commands enable you to create and initialize the SnapLock log configuration for the Vserver, modify attributes associated with the SnapLock log configuration, and delete the auditlog configuration. Attributes of a SnapLock log configuration include the following:

The SnapLock log volume is a SnapLock Compliance volume or a SnapLock Enterprise volume. If a SnapLock Enterprise volume is chosen as the log volume, the volume and the hosting aggregate cannot be deleted until the volume expires. The SnapLock log infrastructure creates directories and files in this volume to store the SnapLock log records.

The maximum log size specifies the maximum size of a log file that stores SnapLock log records. Once the file reaches this size, it is archived and a new log file is created.

The default retention period is the time period for which the log file is retained, if the SnapLock log records that are stored in the file do not carry any retention period.