Storage aggregate Commands

Manage storage aggregates

The storage aggregate command family manages aggregates. The storage aggregate commands can create new aggregates, add more disks to an aggregate, delete the existing ones, change aggregate status and apply options to an aggregate. Aggregate commands often affect the volumes contained within aggregates.

An aggregate name can contain letters, numbers, and the underscore character(_), but the first character must be a letter or underscore. A maximum of 100 aggregates can be created on each node.

An aggregate may be online, restricted, iron_restricted, or offline. When an aggregate is offline, no read or write access is allowed. When an aggregate is restricted, certain operations are allowed (parity recomputation or RAID reconstruction) but data access is not allowed.

Aggregates can be in combinations of the following raid status:


The aggregate is in a normal state.


The aggregate is currently the target aggregate of an active aggr copy operation.


A WAFL consistency check is being performed on this aggregate.


The aggregate contains at least one degraded RAID group that is not being reconstructed.

mirror degraded

The aggregate is a mirrored aggregate, and one of its plexes is offline or resyncing.


Disks are in the process of being added to the aggregate.


The aggregate is in the process of being initialized.


The aggregate does not contain any volume and no volume can be added to it. Typically, this happens after an aborted aggregate copy operation.

needs check

A WAFL consistency check needs to be performed on the aggregate.


The aggregate contains at least one disk, however, two or more disks are missing.


At least one RAID group in the aggregate is being reconstructed.


The aggregate consists of RAID-0 (no parity) RAID groups (V-Series and NetCache only).


The aggregate consists of RAID-4 RAID groups.


The aggregate consists of RAID-4 RAID groups of SSD-ZNS disks with additional RAID-4 protection inside each disk.


The aggregate consists of RAID-DP (Double Parity) RAID groups.


The aggregate consists of RAID-TEC (Triple Erasure Code) RAID groups.


A reallocation process optimized the layout of blocks in the aggregate. You cannot clear this status.

wafl inconsistent

The aggregate has been marked corrupted. Please contact technical support if you see an aggregate in this state.