Storage Aggregate Resynchronization Commands

Manage aggregate resynchronization priorities and options

The storage aggregate resynchronization command family manages the number and the order of aggregates that can start a resynchronization operation at any given time on a node. On SyncMirror enabled nodes, plexes of mirrored aggregates can go offline because of a variety of issues. When the disks of an offlined plex come back online, we start a background resynchronization operation on the aggregate to make sure that the new plex is up to date again. These commands allow the user to control the number of resynchronization operations that can concurrently execute on a node, as well as the order in which the aggregates are picked for the resynchronization operation. On a node containing multiple data aggregates, the resynchronization of critical data aggregates can be prioritized by assigning a higher resync-priority value than the rest of the data aggregates.

The storage aggregate resynchronization options commands can be used to control the volume of background resynchronization I/O on a node after a storage or network outage by limiting the number of aggregates that can resynchronize at the same time on a node.