event config modify

Modify log configuration parameters

Availability: This command is available to cluster administrators at the admin privilege level.


Use the event config modify command to configure event notification and logging for the cluster.


[-mail-from <mail address>] - Mail From
Use this parameter to configure the email address from which email notifications will be sent. You can configure the cluster to send email notifications when specific events occur. Use the event route add-destinations and event destination create commands to configure email destinations for events.
[-mail-server <text>] - Mail Server (SMTP)
Use this parameter to configure the name or IP address of the SMTP server used by the cluster when sending email notification of events.
[-suppression {on|off}] - Event Throttling/Suppression (privilege: advanced)
Use this parameter to configure whether event suppression algorithms are enabled ("on") or disabled ("off"). The event processing system implements several algorithms to throttle events. The documentation for event show-suppression command describes the suppression algorithms in detail.
Note: The suppression parameter can disable both autosuppression and duplicate suppression, but timer suppression cannot be disabled.
[-console {on|off}] - Console Logging (privilege: advanced)
Use this parameter to configure whether events are displayed on the console port ("on") or not displayed("off").
[-proxy-url <text>] - HTTP/HTTPS Proxy URL
If your organization uses a proxy, use this parameter to specify an HTTP or HTTPS proxy for rest-api type EMS notification destinations. The URL must start with an http:// prefix. HTTPS connections to a proxy are not supported. To specify a URL that contains a question mark, press ESC followed by the "?".
[-proxy-user <text>] - User Name for HTTP/HTTPS Proxy
If authentication is required, use this parameter to specify the user name for the HTTP or HTTPS proxy server specified by the -proxy-url parameter. Use the event config set-proxy-password command to set the password used for this user name.


The following command sets the "Mail From" address for event notifications to "admin@example.com" and the "Mail Server" to "mail.example.com":
cluster1::> event config modify -mailfrom admin@example.com -mailserver mail.example.com
The following command configures a proxy that requires authentication:
cluster1::> event config modify -proxy-url http://proxy.example.com:8080 -proxy-user-name admin
cluster1::> event config set-proxy-password

Enter the password:
Confirm the password:

The following example turns on event suppression and console logging:

cluster1::> event config modify -suppression on -console on